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Rent a Car in Cuba with We are the first and only website which enables you to Rent a Car in Cuba directly from Cuban people.

Peer To Peer Car Rental in Cuba is really new. It is only since December the 7th 2018 that Cuban citizens can legally rent their cars (or other mean of transportation) to other people. To regulate this business, the Cuban Government issued a new type of private business licence named "Arrendador de Medios de Transporte" (which means "Rental of Means of Transport"). On our blog you can learn more on how the sector of car rental is changing in Cuba.

Renting a car in Cuba is no longer going to be the same. This single piece of legislation represents a true revolution for the market, which previously was under the tight control of the Cuban State. The Cuban Government used to have the monopoly of the Cuban Car Rental industry, operating with three distinct car rental brands: HavanaAuto, Rex and TransTour.

Throughout the years State monopoly proved itself to be incapable of satisfying the raising demand for cars for rent generated by the growing number of tourists flocking to Cuba. The main problems with State owned car rental companies were high prices, inadequate supply of cars available for rent, poor maintanance of cars. These claims are well described in many travel reports of tourists which one can easily find all over the internet.

Our service breaks state monopoly and addresses these issues, thereby improving your overall holiday experience in Cuba.




Free market makes renting a car in Cuba more affordable than ever



More cars available for rent, spanning across different car types



Book your car in Real Time: it takes less than 5 minutes to rent a car in Cuba


Peace of Mind

All cars insured by ESEN. No Extra costs for You


Truly Local

Rent real Cuban cars and give the business to local people



Privately owned cars receive continous maintanance.

Save Time and Money on your Car Rental in Cuba

On average, when compared to traditional Cuban car rental companies (which are state-owned), peer to peer car rental guarantees you a hefty 20% saving. Besides that, you also get a better service as the owner of the car is a small entepreneur who has all the motivation in the world to keep his customers happy. Finally, you will also save time: car owner must update the availability calendar of their cars on our website. This means that you can book in real time all cars shown on this website. Result: the time needed to complete the booking process goes from days to minutes.

Save 20%

Car Rental Insurance Included

For us it is very important that your holidays in Cuba go smoothly. Our service was conceived and built to give you peace of mind.

All car owners renting out their vehicles on this website must purchase an insurance which protects you in case of accident, damages to third parties, theft and fire.

This is mandatory under the Cuban Law. So, if a car owner doesn' t purchase the appropriate insurance for his car, he can't get the license which is needed to rent his car and be on this website.

The insurance provider for all cars is ESEN (Empresa Seguros Nacionales).

Car Rental Insurance

Rent Charming Cuban Cars

Due to the US Embargo Cuba has been isolated for over 50 years. This resulted in a car pool which is unique in planet Earth. Besides modern cars which you can see all over the world, in Cuba you can rent American cars from the 1950s (and also 1940s and 1930s in some cases...). Cars coming straight from the USSR during the years of the Cold War are available too. Sure enough Cuba gives you a unique opportunity to experience something different.

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